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Since 1958, BUTTING has been manufacturing a wide range of products for nuclear plants. The main plant in Knesebeck recently received an order for prefabrication of pipelines for the French nuclear industry.


Global Nuclear Metal Supply (GNMS) commissioned BUTTING to produce welded components, which will be used to make cryogenic pipes for installation in a mega-project, namely the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER). In this research project, an experimental fusion reactor is to be started as part of one of the world’s largest experiments in the field of plasma physics. Once installed, the process lines from the materials 1.4311 and 1.4307 will supply helium and liquefied gas to the reactor.


GNMS is a co-operation of European manufacturers and stockists whose shared objective is to enable the direct supply of products to the nuclear industry, thus offering an economical supply chain from the raw material supplier to the final product. The different metal-processing companies combine maximum flexibility with the engineering quality of medium-sized enterprises. Thanks to the worldwide network of members, custom product solutions or entire projects can be offered to customers quickly and economically. BUTTING joined the co-operation more than two years ago.


Marcel Bartels, Sales Group Leader of Spools & Plant Construction, is convinced of the benefits of GNMS membership: “Together we can be a strong partner for the nuclear industry thanks to the multi-faceted nature of the GNMS network and the individual strengths and high-quality products offered by the individual members.”

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